News Illustrations: Votebeat / The Guardian

Screenshot of news article with illustration of phone and notifications.


Civic News Company / Votebeat, in partnership with The Guardian, conducted a year-long investigative journalism, multi-part story that was in need of complementary images. Lacking any defined illustrative style, they reached out for help developing a style that would increase readership while adding to their valuable storytelling.

These stories showed increased readership and were published to the front page of The Guardian and Votebeat.


Previously, the admissions process at Henry Ford College was a complex, multi-page experience. By reorganizing information and redesigning the UX and UI, I was able to simplify the process using a "folder tab" system that lets students easily understand their process in a sleek, single-page experience. I utilized existing brand standards, and pushed them sylistically to a more modern web framework. This idea was carried over to the Transfer section, and coincided with digitizing our Student Handbook with custom CSS  collapsible sections.

For a detailed look at process, check out the wireframes.


Develop compelling visual narrative
Build out a library of spot illustrations
Work within established color story


Adobe Illustrator

Screenshot of The Guardian front page.
Three screenshots of illustration details.
Screenshot of The Guardian article on FOIA Requests with illustration hero.
Three screenshots of illustration details.

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