Rethinking the Narrative

Place-based experiential installation

Using the Detroit Open Data portal in tandem with the Loveland database of homes in Brightmoor, Detroit, this installation uses a custom AJAX/JSON file to plot each house address and push them live into a large-scale projection.

Using speech recognition technology, participants can reverse the timeline of demolished homes by speaking their address into the microphone.

For a more detailed look at process, check here.

  • Gain a deeper understanding of JavaScript, JSON and AJAX
  • Create a custom-coded digital experience 
  • Utilize speech recognition as a tool for interaction
  • Annyang Speech Recognition
  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • AJAX
LCD projection of Brightmoor Detroit screen
Detail of Brightmoor Detroit screen
Detail of Brightmoor Detroit screen with microphone
Brightmoor demolitions user flowchart
Brightmoor demolitions dataset
Whiteboard notes on Brightmoor process

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