Let's Talk About Love, Baby!

Digital Artist Catalogue

Working with the concept of filing cabinets, library taxonomies and bookshelves, I created a bilingual digital experience for Detroit-based artist Chido Johnson's exhibit, Let's Talk About Love, Baby! for its installation in Sudan, February 2018.

Each data entry plays an audio clip from the contributing artists, to explain their work, and contains interactive metadata.

Take a look at the design process.

  • Create a digital site that could function in English and Arabic
  • Utilize a tabbing system to organize data
  • Embed audio files into the site
  • Adobe InDesign
  • HTML, CSS & JS
  • Wordpress CMS
Detail of Let's Talk About Love Website Archive
Let's Talk About Love UI Concepts

Let's Talk About Love is a 1997 album released by Celine Dion.

Then your life becomes a travelogue of picture post card charms.

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I create because I love the feeling. I create to tell stories. I create to make beauty in the world.

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