Henry Ford College

Admissions Page Redesign

Previously, the admissions process at Henry Ford College was a complex, multi-page experience.

By reorganizing information and redesigning the UX and UI, I was able to simplify the process using a "folder tab" system that lets students easily understand their process in a sleek, single-page experience.

I pushed existing standards to a more modern web framework. This idea was carried over to the Transfer section, and coincided with digitizing the Student Handbook with custom CSS collapsible sections.

For a detailed look at process, check out the wireframes.

  • Personalize the student experience
  • Reorganize and simplify content
  • Create a scalable solution
  • Adobe XD
  • HTML, CSS & JS
  • Drupal CMS
Hero Overview of HFC Admissions Page
Desktop and mobile UX and UI process for HFC Admisions

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