With Love,



Inspired by chance encounters in random locations around the city of Detroit, religious iconography and cult mentalities, With Love, is a kit of kindness that strives to make all of us stop for a minute and consider connecting a bit more with the people around us.

Using a set of written prompts inspired by the bleak cold of winter, With Love, was left in random spots around the city in an effort to encourage others to pick up and follow the prompts. Then, they could take the gifts, and leave the prompts with new gifts in a new place for a stranger to enjoy. In this way, they can do a small act of kindness that ripples out to others. The results were collected through instagram and an email address, and a viral campaign was attempted to be created.

Tools Used
InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, ,75" Button Maker, Faber-Castell Ink Pens, Arts & Scraps

Everybody say love. Love!

Hi there!

My name is Eric James Wilson. I'm a graphic designer for brands, packaged goods and LCD screens who likes to think, sometimes draws pictures, and makes silkscreened editions.

I like to get my hands dirty in my garden, see new things around the world, and I like to think I'm a pretty good cook.


Don't Be A Stranger!


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