Icons and Identities

Detroit Month of Design 2019 Poster


A growing collection of various logomarks, identities and icon design that I have been responsible for over the years. Some are interpretive and abstract, while others take a pure typographic approach. All are based heavily on research, iteration and process-based design thinking with empathy for the client.


Design successful logos for various clients
Design sets of iconography within a system



Woodbridge FC Logo Lockup
Big Green Move to Improve Logo Lockup
Jefferson Chalmers Logo Lockup
GIF of Icons for AMEX Banking App
Michigan Fields Logo Concepts
Michigan Fields Logo Lockup
Icons for MSU Michigan Food Hub

Each logo tells a story, celebrating
the essence of a brand.

Hi there,

My name is Eric James Wilson. I'm a communicator, a maker and a thinker. I  design with people in mind, craft seamless digital experiences, research better ways of creating, and help brands tell their stories.

I'm always on the lookout for like-minded creatives and I think I'm even a pretty good cook.


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