Sometimes I Draw Pictures

Dogs chasing one another - concept illustration


Various illustrations that I've created for commercial and personal applications. Ranging from posters and publications, to websites, written pieces and emails, these illustrations embrace the hand and heart and utilize a graphic style I’ve been working on over the years. Using a combination of physical and digital techniques, I seek to capture emotion through gestures, color and form.


Create illustrations through the lens of a designer
Use physical and digital technology in tandem


Hands, Head, Heart
Drawing Tablet

Multiple tattoo-style rose illustrations
Four-color floral illustration for Friends of Eastern Market
GIF of pop star illustrationa
Illustration of boy with abstract shapes
Illustration of family watching birds on beach
Flat-style California Bear
Dogs chasing one another - concept illustration
Exotic fruits for Eastern Market Nourish Event
3D Render of Classic Turntable
GIF of various architectural homes in Woodbridge
Spot illustrations on water safety
Organic, Paleo, Whole-foods Illustration for Skidmore Studio

All those years of doodling
in the margins finally paid off.

Hi there,

My name is Eric James Wilson. I'm a communicator, a maker and a thinker. I  design with people in mind, craft seamless digital experiences, research better ways of creating, and help brands tell their stories.

I'm always on the lookout for like-minded creatives and I think I'm even a pretty good cook.


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