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Pink is a complicated color with a varied history. What color is hot pink?
What does ultra pink look like? Look around, the answers might surprise you. The following pinks come from flowers, fame, web safe standards, Pantone swatch books, prisons and pop psychology.

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How do you make pink? What colors mix together to create it?
Is it red and white? Is it red and blue? It's actually bit of both. In additive color theory, pink is made from a combination of red and blue light. The hottest and the coolest colors of the visual light spectrum combine to create it.

While in subtractive color theory, pink is not a color per se, but rather a tint of red or magenta pigments. There are many ways to get to pink.

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Pink. Red + White. It, like every other color, brings out almost unconscious reactions
from each of us. At least, that's how they feel—out of our control. The thing is,
the ideas have of pink aren't just intrinsic. They aren't truths, and pink didn't
choose to have those meanings attached. We apply those meanings socially through
our culture. Pink is a mirror, reflecting the good just as much 
as the ugly truths that we believe.

Pink is strong, feminine, masculine and beautiful. Pink is gendered, pink
is genderless. 
Pink is a contradiction. Pink is much more than just a color.

Next time you see it, think about pink.

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