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How We Work
See the Resilient Detroit mobile application in action. We are passionate about combating local gentrification, displacement and redlining. There is power in currency. Spend wisely. Spend consciously. Spend with assurance.
What We Are
Resilient Detroit partners with DDOT (Detroit Department of Transportation) to provide a voice for the affected community within the Woodward Corridor. We synchronize our application with the proposed stops on the M-1 light rail commuter system, developing a curated list of Black- and minority-owned businesses arranged within the proximity of each stop. We feature a submission option that encourages individuals to suggest the inclusion of unlisted businesses, pushing community involvement, awareness and support.
Why It Matters
There are over 32,000 Black-owned businesses in Detroit.
This is more than 3% of all Black-owned businesses in the United States.
Over 60% of consumer spending in Detroit occurs at small businesses.
Over 83% of Detroit's overall population is Black.
100% of Detroit's diverse population can do their part to support local businesses.
See What This Means
As Detroit continues to grow, we must be diligent in staying true to ourselves and our communities. Black-owned businesses anchor the neighborhoods that make Detroit a city like no other. We can all actively combat gentrification.
Where We Go
  • Proposed stops
  • west grand boulevard
  • amtrak station
  • amsterdam street
  • ferry street
  • warren avenue
  • canfield street
  • mlk jr boulevard
  • sibley street
  • foxtown area
  • grand circus park
  • campus martius park
  • congress street
  • Potential businesses
  • ali sandifer studio
  • detroit dirt
  • detroit vegan soul
  • flo boutique
  • hamilton anderson associates
  • social club grooming company
  • thrift on the ave
  • textures by nefertiti
  • tulani rose
  • source booksellers
  • wala
  • many many more
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